Saturday, April 21, 2007

Reminder: send in candidate statements for elections on Tuesday

Hey guys,

Just wanted to remind you all that elections are coming up on Tuesday, and
we strongly encourage everyone to attend and vote. There are several
seniors amongst us that are graduating, so we're looking for some new
leadership. The positions are:

VP Executive
VP Finance
Novice Coach
Tournament Director

As an e-board member, aside from your position's responsibilities, you
should try to attend tournaments somewhat regularly and be active on the
team; you should also regularly come to our own meetings.

If you're interested in running for a position please send me a candidate
statement that outlines what you would bring to the table if elected. It
needn't be particularly long or flowery - just why you should be elected.
We'll use it as a foundation for the Q&A session on Tuesday before we
vote, so we'd like to have it on the website ( in

Sunday night I'll be putting up the first of the candidate statements for
everyone to read over.




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